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We started our activity in 2011 as a company that provides Online Secretarial Services and at clients’ requests we started to Project Manage, Plan and Organise Private & Corporate Events.
Our clients come from a wide variety of backgrounds and include UK Investment Funds, Romanian and Expat property companies and individuals.
Online Executive Secretary – in short
The services provided to our clients it refers at the assistance only when need it. In short, we offer the ability, through online-virtual delegation via email, to increase productivity and reduce overheads, making their business more efficient and profitable.

Events – Planning & Organising
We assist our clients in identifying the right budget, when our help is required, we plan their event and organise all of the related aspects, making sure that they have the perfect event when the day comes, completing by appointing a hostess for the day of the event to meet & greet the guests.
Try us now and get ONE consultancy hour for free. Transform your EVENT into reality.
In summary….
Mainly our clients and activity so far are recommending us. Whenever you want to organise your perfect event or if you might need the assistance of an online Executive Secretary, contact us!
We can help you!
Furthermore, our objective is simply to provide high quality services, and because confidentiality is the key, we ensure that all of our collaborators sign a confidentiality agreement to respect your privacy.


How can you become our client?

Just register on our website with your details, select your Price Plan and buy it online. Then you’ll be free to focus on what’s important in your life.

All the data you will enter or send to us will be treated as confidential under our corporate confidentiality policy.