Chapter 4 from our General Terms:

  • 4.1 Taking into account the specific tasks executed by the Provider, the parties agree that the observance of the confidentiality of the data and information that they have access to during the Contract, is their liability, not having the right to disclose, in no circumstance, during the contract as well as within 2 years after its termination, the information deemed by the parties as confidential.
  • 4.2 There are deemed as confidential, without making the exemplification limitative, the information, data, materials or commercial, financial, legal, organizational, technical documents that are not made public, and also the internal documents of the parties that contain personal data of the shareholders, employees and/or collaborators, as well as any other information included by the documents with internal circuit.
  • 4.3 “Disclosure”, in the meaning of the Contract, is the disclosure to a third party, physical or legal person, of the confidential information concerning one of the parties or of the content of the Contract, as well as of any other data, information, materials or facts that can damage in any way, directly or indirectly, one of the parties and/or its shareholders, no matter if they are used or not for commercial purposes, except for the information revealed by the Provider to its subcontractors in order to fulfil the object of the Contact under the stipulations of article 3.1.4. “Disclosure”, in the meaning of the Contract, also is the direct use by one of the parties of such data, information, materials or facts concerning the other party in an own commercial activity, unless the Contract stipulates otherwise.
  • 4.4 The obligation of the parties concerning the confidentiality of the information ceases in case when they become public without the breach of any of the above mentioned