Corporate Customers

Almost all of the tasks that a full time Personal Assistant or Executive Secretary undertakes can be offered by PA Services & Events as an online service.

Some examples of the work that we undertake for our corporate clients are as follows:

Maintaining the journals Word Processing – Writing up reports from recordings or hard copies
Arranging meetings PowerPoint – Preparing presentations in accordance with a specific brief
Responding to correspondence using your printed paper. Notifications – We maintain schedules of important dates from insurance renewals to the payment of rent and notify our clients in advance so they never forget another deadline.
Internet Research
Making restaurant reservations

Some of the tasks are charged separately to the hourly rate and as detailed below:

Organizing Authorized Translation Services (English, Romanian, Spanish, Italian, German) – Translating documents or recordings or attending meetings. Arranging Marketing – Brand Identity, Marketing Plans, Website Design, Search Engine Optimization, Media Channel and Online Advertising, Mail Merges
Promotional Materials – Arranging company brochures, business cards, Christmas and corporate gifts Transportation – Arranging planes trains and taxis including VIP transport

Note: Translation cost is starting from 22 lei/page excl. VAT; Transport is starting from 1,25 lei/km excl. VAT; Marketing/Design is starting from 20 euro/hour excluding VAT; Promo materials prices are subject to individual offers and promo.

Individual Customers Corporate clients
At PASE we have a number of clients who choose to work with us on an occasional basis as individuals when they need a little extra help.

  • New Company
  • Established Company
  • Downsizing Company
  • Romanian individual
Services Individual RO Customers Overseas Individual
Appointments – Hair, manicure, pedicure, doctor, dentist, restaurants, and schools.

  • The Experienced Traveler (we call them savy!)
  • The Regular Business Traveler
  • The Relocator – This is someone who is moving to the city for a job either temporary or permanent