1. How does PA Services & Events work?
You simply choose the type of package you need if you require our online Executive Secretary service and we will match you with someone suitable to help reduce your workload.  It really is a great way to release your valuable time as everything is handled online and you have no employee hassles or taxes to worry about. For an Event Planner, you simply make your appointment and send us your brief of the event you need to organise and we make everything for you with your assistance.

2. How can I become a member of PA Services & Events?
You can call us at (+40 737 441 003), Email PA (office@paservices.ro). Email Events (events@paservices.ro) or Skype (pa.services) and we will send you a unique PIN for identification.  It really is that simple and uncomplicated to have your own Assistant and once you have taken that step you will wonder how you ever did it without us.

3. Is the service confidential?
Confidentiality is taken very seriously at PA Services. We have our own confidentiality policy which is embedded in our contracts with you and all of our service providers are bound by the same stringent terms.

4. Where are our PA’s based (ref. Executive Secretary)??
Almost all of our PAs are based in Romania and our call centre is in Romania too.  Our people are highly skilled and highly motivated to provide you with the personal service that you demand.  Often our PAs speak more than one language but if you specifically need overseas support we do have a number of PAs that can assist with specific tasks at various International locations but this may incur an additional cost.

5. Are there any hidden costs?
We believe in long term partnerships with our clients and consequently we feel that is important not to give you a shock! So, our packages are simple if you need our online Secretarial Support. We have three main packages ranging from 3 hours per month to 20 hours per month.  There are however some additional costs for example for translation services which are charged on a rate per page (which is normal practice) and if there are other costs to be incurred at your request these will be agreed with you in advance. The cost of organising your important Event is personalised to fit within your budget as we want you to keep requesting our services. Furthermore, we even offer you split payments to help you within the process.

6. Can I extend my package beyond one month (ref. Executive Secretary)?
In the event that you find that you need more hours than you have contracted, then we will be happy to upgrade your package at any time during the month.  However, in the event that you don’t use the hours that you have contracted within the period of the contract, these are only transferable at the sole discretion of PASE.

7. How long does it take for PA Services&Events to complete my instructions?
Contractually the term is a maximum 48 hours since receiving the order by email, but many of our services such as reservations and appointments can be completed in just a few minutes.
Regarding the event planning, that depends on your time line to complete it, and we will assist you in full or just in part as you need it.

8. Can services be fast tracked if necessary?
We try to keep our clients happy as far as possible so depending on availability we are always pleased to give priority to urgent instructions.  If for any reason we genuinely cannot accommodate your request we will tell you as quickly as possible.

9. Can I check thebalance of my account at anytime (ref Executive Secretary)?
PA Services will issue you an electronic weekly report with the hours that you have consumed from your package and the remaining hours.  We encourage you to check this carefully and if you have any queries these should be raised with us as soon as possible.  By monitoring your usage weekly we can continue to tailor our packages to your specific requirements and therefore continue to provide you with the best value for money.

10. How can I extend the contract or how can I become a partner?
When our Clients sign a contract (it is a long and boring contract which states our general terms and conditions and you will sign it just once) they will also complete an Addendum.  The Addendum is a simple one-page extension to the contract that sets out the type of package and the price you have agreed to take out and it is this addendum that can be changed at any time a Client wants to change the package type or extend the services.

You can become a partner by writing us an email on office@paservices.ro if related to P.A. and events@paservices.ro if related to organising events. The benefit is that you can join us at various events, promote your service and product and furthermore, you can choose what event you would like to support at most.

11. How and where can I make the payments?
Payments should be made direct to our bank account: IBAN RO36RZBR0000060013479544 (RON) at Raiffeisen Bank Bucharest, or by card (a special code can be generated to you to make it easy), after you receive the invoice and the contract by email and we agree the terms of payment. Your services will then commence immediately after receipt of payment. You can also pay for your services online when you choose one pack for online secretarial services.

12. Do you have other questions?
Don’t hesitate to contact us and ask your specific questions if there are more. We are happy to assist you!