The organised Gala it is part of the fundraising campaign with the purpose of giving amplitude of the RePatriot project and this took place on 17th March.

As a preview of the auction, Mircea Tudor, Founder MB Telecom and Romanian inventor which was awarded at Geneva, offered 10,000 euro for the tennis racket from ’70 which belong to Ilie Nastase; that was donated to the RePatriot project by Dragos Dinu, CEO of Tiriac Holding back to the RePatriot plenary session from the Romanian Business Leaders’ Summit from 4th March 2016.

PA Services & Events have been organising the event for RePatriot and was a sponsor at the Gala on 17th March, being a real honour to be along of success entrepreneurs from Romania and with this occasion supporting the project and Romanians from Diaspora to return back to Romania under the Entrepreneurial repatriation call.