Packages Hours Cost in Eur excl. VAT Cost in Eur with VAT Buy Now
Bronze 3 Hours 60 72 Please Login or Register to make a purchase
Silver 10 Hours 170 204
Gold 20 Hours 300 360
Prices will be invoiced at the Romanian Bank course from the date of payment. The prices above are related to the Online Executive Secretary.


Planning & Organizing Events

One Consultancy Hour – When you have decided your events calendar and you have an idea or even a draft created, write us and make us a short brief and an appointment. Prices are created to fit every budget and we are working with our clients closely to find the perfect one for your Outstanding Event!

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Online Executive Secretary

Free Trial Period – We offer an extra free hour on any of the above packages for anyone registering online with PA Services & Events and completing a contract*.
*Authorised translation, website creation or website upgrades are not included.

At PA Services& Events we offer a range of packages to suit almost every type of client and budget whether corporate or individual.
Consequently, our packages range from “Bronze” at 3 hours per month up to “Gold” at 20 hours per month, although if you have specific requirements, please ask and we will do our best to tailor something to your needs.
In addition, if you have a medium term role in your organization, perhaps to cover maternity leave or holidays we can recruit someone to that position on your behalf and manage any labour contract issues and the payment of taxes. They can then work directly for you at your office rather than online.

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