Online Personal Assistant (PA) jobs are one of the home-based jobs, hourly paid, that you might be interested if you are good at doing office work. However, there are some skills you’ll need for getting an online personal assistant job. These are:

Request no. 1: Language
An online PA must be fluent in English both in writing and speaking. Even if the work is done online, this will require excellent language skills to enable you to communicate accurately with your international clients.

Request no. 2: Entry of Data
There are a lot of people who are seeking data entry jobs that they can do from home today. While these jobs are difficult to come by, since there is so much competition, this is one of the many skills that you should have as an online PA. Data entry tasks include typing and entering data into forms, editing current information, proofreading text and updating databases.

Request no. 3: Communication
Without good communication skills a PA will be a liability and not an asset so it is important to have good communication skills. This is because as a PA you will constantly be interacting online with people to fix meetings, create schedules, make appointments, negotiate offers costs as requested and relay messages for your client. Since you will have to work in an online environment, this means that your writing skills need to be excellent as you will be communicating through email or Skype.

Request no. 4: Typing and Research
PA’s must have excellent typing skills since most work you do will depend on them. Not only should you be able to type accurately but you should also be able to do market research at request. Sometimes you may be asked to do transcription work in addition to your other work as an online PA. This only means that you will need to take your client’s audio content and type it into a written document. Good typing skills are therefore very important.

Request no. 5: Writing
As an online PA you should also have good writing skills. Clients will need a wide variety of projects written for them (starting from business letters to email messages). Such tasks will reflect not only your own professionalism but your client’s as well.

Request no. 6: PC
Since all of your work is going to be done on your computer, you will need to have excellent computer skills and an operational PC with licensed software. You will also need to know how to do basic computer maintenance as well and to save work in a cloud system. This is important because if your computer goes down, your client will never lose something.

Request no. 7: Organization
Good organizational skills are also important because you may be working on several different projects for several different clients all at the same time. You will need to be organized in order to ensure that everything goes smoothly.
These are just some of the many skills that personal assistants should have because these skills are in high demand. If you have worked as an administrative assistant or a secretary in an office in the past, then you should already have the skills to be a successful online PA.

Request no. 8: Confidentiality
The most important asset that a PA must have is total discretion and the ability to keep the confidentiality of the data received from your client.