If you are an organizer or a company and need support to be your co-organizer, do not hesitate to ask for our help. We can successfully help to increase the number of participants and make the event more recognized starting with the second edition.

What we can help you with?

  • Create the image of your event
  • Work with you to establish the budget
  • Promote it online and within our partner websites
  • Identify the right approach to reach the right target
  • Create the materials for the sponsors in order to obtain sponsorship
  • Create the branding products & materials – design, order, print & delivery at your location
  • Helping on identifying volunteers
  • Support on the day of the event.


Bring Back Productivity & Refreshing Mind Packs

You can expect to have a fantastic profitability after one meeting with us! Make your appointment at events@paservices.ro and we can come to see you and create the suitable pack to fit your needs and budget.

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