You know that moment when you receive a call from a client, apparently calm but very concerned, saying that the car just caught fire?

I was in the office couple of weeks ago, talking to my team about the services we offer and why they are beneficial for foreign clients who live in Romania and I received a call! It was like a sign to take into account this aspect of the services we provide, which was new and exciting for us.

It seems that the car our client was driving was purchased on the company and had all the check-ups performed yearly. The client left confidently for Constanta, after checking the oil, tyres and fuel (perfectly normal before leaving on the road).

As soon as he passed the tax point on the Bridge near Fetesti, he heard a loud noise and smoke started coming out of the engine. Worried, he stopped at the side of the road, removed the valuable items and stepped away from the car, believing that it was on fire. In a few minutes, noticing that the smoke had become thinner, he opened the bonnet and saw that the drive belt that connected the fan had caught fire. When he called us, he explained the problem, and we immediately started doing research on the internet to be able to identify car services in the area. It was 4:30 pm on a Friday. Late and risky for the client to remain there for any length of time.

We identified that he could drive the car without air conditioning to the nearest service which was in Cernavoda, but their work program was over. The head of the car service recommended us to call a collaborator of theirs and he told us where our client should stay and wait for him to go to his car service and solve the problem. It was already 5 pm.

We, by phone from Bucharest and the client in Cernavoda (circa 163 kms away). Seemed impossible but we handled it.

Not only that the  recommendation was excellent ( keep in mind that we haven’t  worked with Cernavoda before ), but the son of the man owning the private garage recommended, looked at the car and explained very well that it was more than just the drive belt and that its alternator was defective and told us that there are three possibilities:

1. To order a new spare part which would come on Monday

2. To buy a second hand part arriving the next afternoon

3. Disassemble and repair the alternator that had seized and purchase the necessary parts in the hope that it could be resolved by that evening.

As the time was pressing, the client chose option number 3.

Marian, that was his name, went and bought the missing parts and went to various auto parts stores, brought the receipts and negotiated on behalf of our client when the seller tried to sell him more expensive parts, went to the electrician, took the spare part from the electrician, mounted it back and solved it in 2 hours!

Minimum cost, minimum time and a very happy client! One of the garages we will be pleased to recommend!