PA Services was created as a cost effective online alternative to our corporate clients employing a full time PA. At PA Services we’ll do your tasks to help you pursue more important things. You only pay for the time you need and you get the services of an experienced personal assistant without any employment headaches or taxes to worry about.

The benefits of PA Services are multiple : perfect time management, no sick leave and no stressed employees, no government taxes, no employment or personnel issues, focused staff at your disposal. PA Services reduces overheads, removes employment challenges and avoids the unnecessary burdens of employee contracts and taxes.

We differentiate ourselves from others with these features and we will further distinguish ourselves significantly, because we won’t stop here , this is a promise that we are committed to carry out towards ourselves. To be one step ahead and think freely, there are no long simple slogans, they are now a necessity.

Entrepreneurs who are just starting out, businessmen with long experience, find in the same place effective and timely solutions that match exactly their needs. The range of services is varied: appointments, travel, events, management of client marketing, internet research, web design, translation, personal calls and many others.

If you think that we forgot about servicing the individuals as well, you are wrong. For them we have a range of sevices to choose from, starting with appointments for pedicure, doctor, manicure, restaurants, gifts for different anniversaries, wine tasting, transport services and so on.

Just visit our web-site and convince yourself.

Enjoy the benefits of delegating jobs virtually.